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One Way to Encourage Checking-Out at the Library

We are confident there is someone for everyone so we guarantee you will find someone you will want to see again, the complete worst otherwise we will give you your next Speed Dating event for free! View all New York Times newsletters. One logistical snag is the preponderance of women.

This is to ensure that there is an adequate variety of books that will appeal to both genders at each table. We want a person to have something in common with us, and we want a date to be interesting. If you are looking for that special someone or just fancy a fun night out meeting new people, speed dating is what you have been looking for! After the introduction to the activity, I allow students to find seats at the date tables. With some modifications, I have used this basic procedure with all grade levels, from freshmen to seniors, for tips from resource classes to advanced placement students.

Kitchener Public Library is located in Ontario, Canada. Thank you for subscribing. When students come in, I have them stand in a group away from the tables and begin by asking who is familiar with speed dating sometimes, even freshmen have done speed dating!

Is attraction possible between a Jonathan Franzen reader and a die-hard Elizabeth Gilbert fan? Later, librarians would tally scorecards and connect any two people who indicated mutual interest. View more icebreakers under Attachments at right. If I shared a dozen books and half of them were actually checked out, I was happy.

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Still, she seemed to hit it off with the Kafka guy. Showcasing a beautiful decor, this hand selected venue has everything you need to have a fantastically fabulous evening. Libraries in Chattanooga, Tenn. Then the men rotated, book in tow, to the next woman. He was undeterred and said he would come again.

Similarly, we want a book to be interesting, and often we want to read about subjects or settings that are familiar to us. Place a gold star marker at one seat and arrows in front of every other seat to show participants where to move. After the matching portion ended, we provided some casual hangout time.

Speed Dating London and 21 Other UK Cities
  • Among them was Jeremiah Lee, a year-old software engineer who said he had not stepped foot in a public library in years.
  • For more tips and a detailed timeline of the event, check out my blog post.
  • You may opt-out at any time.
  • In heterosexual romantic speed dating, the men sit on one side of the table and never move, while the women shift over one seat each time or vice versa.
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Since we began holding our singles evenings at Circo, ticket sales have boomed, speaking volumes about the popularity of our events as well as the venue itself. Last spring the Collaborative Summer Library Program, a national consortium of public libraries, included literary speed dating on its list of suggested adult library programming. This list will vary according to the popularity of certain books and genres. What better destination to meet, greet and mingle with an array of gorgeous singles than Circo Bar?

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Alexandria library speed dating

Libraries reported difficulties attracting men in sufficient numbers. Teachers report how almost all of the students love the books they chose, questions to ask a and how quiet the room is with them all reading. Then I let the boys fill in the other seats.

New Year's-Inspired Crafts for Teens. Which planet would you most like to rule? There is a nearby university, and we have become a technological hub with many new tech companies sometimes referred to as the Silicon Valley of Canada.

Op-Ed Speed dating at the British Library

Speed Dating and single nights around the UK
  1. Not surprisingly, the book you brought advertised something about your compatibility.
  2. Others proposed playing down fiction, since men seemed to bring in more nonfiction books.
  3. Those are the types of questions librarians are starting to field.
  4. At all of our Speed Dating events, you will meet lots of single people and have a date with each person.

Lee, who wore a dark purple fleece and blue jeans for the occasion. Lee, the software engineer, he went to dinner and karaoke with a woman he met at the library, though things fizzled after one date. The witty exchange prompted her to include the man on her list of those she would like to see again.

Literary speed dating seems to have its roots in Europe. At this point, I pass out one chocolate kiss to each student, because, as I like to tell them, the perfect date ends in a kiss! We need to be viable to them and provide them with experiences and resources that are useful. Inside the Lines Coloring Club. While it is fun and there are lots of giggles about the numerous puns during the book speed dating activities, dating feminine the most rewarding part is the response that comes a few days after our sessions.

Speed Dating Events in the UK

Programming Librarian

Speed Dating has proven to be a successful, fun and exciting way to meet new people. Programming Librarian Forum. Since then, libraries across the country have been dimming the lights and playing matchmaker. The matching lasted from to p.

Speed Dating with Books

Dating Manuscripts

They must read the cover, front and back flaps, and begin reading the book during the dating period. Notify me of new posts by email. Bukowski, who wore a quick smile and low-cut sleeveless dress. Most of them were swapping phone numbers and planning to meet up with each other later. Another participant, Tiffany Bukowski, a year-old marketer, brought a collection of short stories by Charles Bukowski, the infamous womanizer, with whom she shares a surname.

The main library in Sacramento recently hosted its second event. We shared that image and a link to the program calendar on the library's social media Facebook, Twitter, blog. After reading how other media specialists set up their programs, I came up with a plan that works well in my library.

Friend Speed Dating

Valentine's Day card made at Friend Speed Dating. You may find these speed dating tips useful, and you should also know that all of our events are held in carefully chosen upmarket bars. Each date lasts four minutes, which is slightly longer than traditional speed dating, hence, Slow Dating! However, the majority of the attendees said they found out about our program from our post on Meetup.

Oral History and Preservation. When everyone is seated, let the dating begin! As the activity progresses, I watch that students read and engage with the books. Let's Celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day. Your email address will not be published.

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